Deskera's Remedy for the Metal Manufacturing Challenges

Why Deskera is a Valuable Choice for the Metal Manufacturing Field?

Automated Workflows

Our manufacturing software for metal fabrication offers intelligent automation capabilities to enhance your daily processes. You can streamline purchase order creation and inventory management for improved efficiency.

Real-time Reporting & Analytics

Real-time reporting and analytics with our manufacturing software for metal fabricators enhance decision-making, cost control, supply chain management, and production efficiency, ensuring competitiveness.

User-friendly Interface

The intuitive design grants seamless access to information and effortless operations management. Our manufacturing software offers a user-friendly interface for easy navigation, enabling swift adaptation.

Affordable Pricing

Deskera offers a range of pricing models with three scalable tiers to accommodate diverse businesses, from mid-market enterprises to large corporations for a cost-efficient, swift, and smooth integration process.

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Optimize Product Structure Management with Our Multi-Level BOM Solution

Efficiently manage and track components and achieve seamless assembly management with multi-level BoMs

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Effortless Assembly Management

Deskera's manufacturing software for metal fabrication provides a structured component and sub-assembly system to improve production efficiency and minimize errors.

Comprehensive Component Tracking

Our sheet metal fabrication MRP software simplifies inventory control and enhances production efficiency, reducing material wastage.

Improving Cost-Efficiency

The Multi-level BoMs feature of our metal manufacturing software lets you make informed choices to reduce costs and enhance profitability while upholding product quality.


Optimizes Schedules, Cost Tracking, and Capacity Management

Optimizing schedules and tracking production costs is now a breeze with Deskera's metal manufacturing software

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Optimizes Schedules

Enhance production planning with efficient scheduling, ensuring timely delivery and resource utilization with Deskera's metal fabrication MRP software.

Cost Tracking

The manufacturing software lets you precisely monitor expenses, helping you control and minimize production costs for improved profitability.

Capacity Management

Effectively manage production capacity to meet demand while avoiding over- or underutilization, maximizing operational efficiency.


Better Supplier Collaboration and Enhanced Procurement Process

Deskera manufacturing software enables metal fabricators and manufacturers to get real-time visibility into the supply chain, paving the way for smooth procurement.

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Real-time Visibility

Gain real-time insights into your supply chain, enabling quick response to disruptions and better decision-making.

Efficient Procurement

Streamline procurement processes, ensuring timely access to materials while reducing inventory carrying costs.

Supplier Collaboration

Foster strong partnerships with suppliers, promoting reliability, quality, and cost-effectiveness in the supply chain.


Optimized Inventory Management for Waste Reduction

Get tools to track inventory in real time, and reduce waste. Access efficient and accurate reporting tools for your metal manufacturing business.

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Real-time Tracking

With Deskera MRP software, you can monitor inventory levels and movements in real-time, and get instant insights for proactive decision-making.

Material Waste Reduction

Our metal fabrication MRP software aids in reducing material waste by efficiently managing inventory, promoting cost savings, and supporting sustainability initiatives in the industry.

Customized Reporting

Customized reporting with our metal fabrication MRP software allows businesses to generate tailored reports, enabling data-driven decision-making and insights into inventory trends.

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