Multi Channel Orders

Easily manage multi channel orders with point of sale, eCommerce, and website integration. Automate the order processing workflow to save time and money. Synchronize inventory levels across all sales channels to ensure accuracy.

Automate your order processing and connect with customers across all sales channels. Keep track of all orders in real-time, manage inventory and shipments easily. Get timely notifications of orders and shipments, and generate reports. Integrate your payment gateway for quick and secure transactions. Manage customer data and store customer-specific information for easy access. Automate billing and invoicing processes and generate accurate tax calculations. Set up customizable shipping options and rules for orders from different channels. Track your orders from the point of sale to the eCommerce store and website.

Streamline Customer Order Management

Boost Customer Engagement

Enhance Inventory Management

Increase Profitability

Increase efficiency and accuracy of sales order processing with a single unified platform for all customer orders across multiple sales channels. Automate ordering processes and reduce manual errors.

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Key Features of Multi Channel Orders
with Deskera ERP.

Streamline Point of Sale Order Management
Automate order processing to reduce time spent on manual data entry
Enhance eCommerce Shopping Experiences
Create an engaging and intuitive checkout process for customers
Centralize Website Order Management
Manage website orders from a single dashboard
Monitor Multi-Channel Sales Visibility
Gain insight into sales performance across multiple channels
Synchronize Inventory Across Platforms
Automatically update inventory levels across channels
Automate Shipping and Fulfillment
Automatically generate shipping labels and track shipments
Integrate Payment Processors
Connect to payment gateways to facilitate online payments
Generate Customer Insights
Collect customer data to better understand buying patterns and preferences
Leverage Automated Order Notifications
Send customers automated notifications and updates on their order status
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Find the right fit for your business

Deskera Multi Channel Orders