Deskera vs. Epicor: The Search for the Best Solution

What Sets Deskera Apart from Epicor


Fuel Your Growth with Precise Material Planning

Seize control of your manufacturing operations with Deskera's MRP module. Effortlessly oversee your product workflow through intelligent planning, accurate production scheduling, and intuitive documentation features. Deskera outshines Epicor in this aspect with its user-friendly and cost-effective module, coupled with advanced documentation capabilities.

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Improved Efficiency

Elevate resource allocation accuracy, trim down inefficiencies, and advance cost-effective operations by implementing a systematic material requirement planning approach.

Enhanced Transparency

Attain immediate, live visibility into your stock levels, production requirements, and supplier requests. Proactively manage potential shortages to ensure a well-organized supply chain and sustain uninterrupted operations.

Data-Driven Decisions

Reinforce your decision-making with data-supported forecasting and planning tools. Swiftly respond to market changes, reduce lead times, and improve your profitability.


Elevate Efficiency with Smart Order Handling

Deskera becomes your vital companion, seamlessly managing sales, purchases, returns, deliveries, and invoicing. Its proficiency in error mitigation and commitment to prompt order fulfillment not only ensures customer delight but also fosters the seamless operation of your business. Deskera's integrated solution contributes to a more efficient and customer-centric approach, setting it apart from Epicor in this regard.

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Effortless Operations

Streamline your business processes seamlessly, from order inception to delivery. This not only minimizes operational bottlenecks and reduces errors but also decreases the need for manual intervention, ultimately expediting order fulfillment.

Immediate Insight

Gain access to real-time information on order statuses, inventory levels, and customer details, enabling you to make informed decisions and provide top-notch customer support.

Flawless Integration

Seamlessly merge with complementary modules such as inventory, sales, payroll, and accounting, ensuring accurate data and a comprehensive understanding of your business operations.


Simplify Procurement, Maximize Success

Deskera offers a tailored and all-inclusive solution for easier procurement. We handle vendor management, purchase orders, and goods receipt, making the process straightforward. You'll have access to a centralized supplier database, automation, and powerful reporting. Customizing Deskera's procurement module is simple, while in Epicor, it's more complex and requires technical skills.

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Enhanced Efficiency and Automation

Streamline your procurement procedures through the integration of automated workflows, leading to savings in both time and resources. This automation directly contributes to increased profitability.

Improved Vendor Oversight

Consolidate vendor information, simplifying the management procedures and enhancing tracking capabilities, thus cultivating more robust supplier partnerships.

Tailored Offerings and User-Friendly Interface

Customize templates and workflows to align with your distinct procurement needs, all while guaranteeing an intuitive and user-friendly interface for your team.


Inventory Excellence for Seamless Operations

Deskera's system keeps an eye on your inventory in real-time, making it easy to have the right amount of stock, preventing both overstocking and shortages. It also handles stock adjustments and manages product batches and lots automatically, ensuring you don't miss out on sales due to low stock. In terms of ease of use and the advantages of an all-in-one software solution, Deskera surpasses Epicor in inventory management.

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Immediate Inventory Insight

Access real-time inventory information, enabling you to monitor stock levels, track product movements, and respond swiftly to changing demands, facilitating the establishment of safety stock thresholds.

Sophisticated Product Tracing

Keep comprehensive documentation of batch and lot particulars, ensuring the capacity to trace products throughout the supply chain for quality assurance and regulatory compliance purposes.

Data-Backed Decision-Making

Employ data-powered perspectives and analytical functionalities within the inventory management component to bolster informed decision-making, optimize inventory levels, and elevate overall operational effectiveness.


Unleash the Power of Warehouse Intelligence

Deskera streamlines your warehouse operations, providing you with real-time inventory tracking, supervision of both incoming and outgoing tasks, and full command over all warehouse activities. It offers smooth integration across various departments and locations, all within an intuitive interface. Deskera's warehouse management module prioritizes ease of use and productivity, resulting in a quicker learning process when compared to Epicor.

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Multi-Site Inventory Oversight

Simplify the management of inventory across multiple warehouse sites, ensuring optimal stock levels, lowered shipping costs, and the timely processing of customer orders.

Sophisticated Data Examination and Reporting

Utilize the power of data-backed analysis and reporting tools to unveil patterns, monitor performance, and craft informed choices for continuous warehouse improvements.

Seamless System Integration

Attain smooth compatibility with additional ERP modules like sales, procurement, and shipping, resulting in a unified view of your entire supply chain. This promotes improved coordination and reduces operational hurdles.


Smarter Project Accounting, Smoother Operations

Deskera delivers a thorough insight into your project's financial aspects, including budgeting, expenses, revenue, and overall performance. It furnishes an immediate, in-depth financial snapshot of your project's status, allowing you to produce vital project reports whenever needed. Compared to Epicor, Deskera's effortless integration with all aspects of your business enhances its user-friendliness and ease of operation.

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Expense Control and Efficiency

Facilitate thorough monitoring and analysis of project expenses, ensuring adherence to budgetary constraints and offering valuable insights for optimal resource allocation.

Billing and Invoicing Automation

Incorporate automated billing and invoicing procedures to minimize manual tasks, ensuring precise and timely client invoicing. This enhances cash flow and reduces payment delays.

Effortless Reporting

Generate comprehensive financial project reports with ease, providing stakeholders with a clear view of project performance, profitability, and financial well-being.


Effortless Accounting Within Your Reach

Deskera Books offers intuitive tools for real-time monitoring of sales, expenses, and cash flow. Its seamless integration with other Deskera modules and the inclusion of built-in compliance features make it a convenient choice for your financial management needs. In contrast to Epicor, Deskera offers a potent and cost-effective solution that not only empowers you but also streamlines your operations while ensuring compliance.

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Effortless Financial Management

Streamline financial operations, including transaction monitoring and report generation, enabling you to easily and accurately handle your financial affairs.

Seamless System Coordination

Effortlessly blend your financial data with other ERP modules such as inventory, sales, and payroll, resulting in a holistic understanding of your business operations and informed decision-making driven by data.

Compliance with Regulations and Data Protection

Utilize built-in regulatory compliance measures and strong security protocols to protect your financial data, ensuring adherence to industry standards and regulations.


Connecting Customers, Boosting Business

Deskera's CRM presents an adaptable solution, handling marketing automation, sales force coordination, customer support, and service management. Our strength lies in delivering a holistic customer viewpoint, elevating engagement and satisfaction. In contrast to Epicor's less robust features, Deskera's CRM module boasts powerful functionalities.

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Flexibility and Customization

Adapt the CRM system to match evolving business needs, ensuring its versatility as your company grows, whether you're a mid-market company or a large enterprise.

Operational Efficiency

Automate and optimize sales, marketing, and customer support processes to enhance productivity and reduce manual efforts, enabling you to concentrate on nurturing more robust customer relationships.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Utilize data-driven insights to predict customer needs, deliver exceptional service, and cultivate loyalty, ultimately boosting customer contentment and retention.


Your Time, Your Team, Your Way

Deskera's HR module simplifies the administration of employee information, leave requests, performance assessments, and associated procedures, spanning the entire employee lifecycle from recruitment to exit. Additionally, it provides an easy way to monitor employee hours and oversee attendance with minimal hassle. In comparison, Epicor may offer an HR module, but it simply cannot match the user-friendliness and intuitiveness that Deskera brings to the table.

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Integrated Advancements

Deskera seamlessly combines time tracking and HR features, streamlining data transfer and eliminating the need for manual input. This results in a substantial reduction in errors and time saved.

Data Analytics Excellence

Deskera offers a wealth of reporting and analytical tools for workforce data, enabling businesses to make well-informed, data-centric choices, streamline labor expenses, and elevate overall HR administration.

Efficiency in Workflow

The integration of time tracking and HR processes within ERP software simplifies workforce management, reducing manual tasks and administrative overhead, ultimately leading to increased productivity and improved employee satisfaction.

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