Multiple Warehouses

Assign stock to each location and keep track of inventory across all warehouses. Automate inventory tracking, stock allocation, and shipping processes across different warehouses. Access real-time inventory reports to maintain optimal stock levels.

Ensure smooth and efficient flow of goods and materials across multiple warehouses. Track the position of goods and materials in real-time. Monitor stock availability across multiple warehouses. Automatically generate order fulfillment instructions and redirect orders to the right warehouse based on stock availability. Benefit from increased visibility to stock status across multiple warehouses. Get an overview of inventory health and warehouse performance. Receive real-time alerts for low inventory levels and out-of-stock items.

Managers can track and manage multiple warehouses from one centralized location, and assign and manage specific warehouses to specific users and easily allocate products to each warehouse. They can also track the inventory levels of each warehouse, monitor stock availability, create automated replenishment orders, and monitor the storage capacity of each warehouse.

Optimize Inventory Management

Improve Order Fulfillment

Enhance Warehouse Performance

Maximize Inventory Visibility

Automate the tracking of inventory levels across multiple warehouses.

Streamline inventory replenishment and stock transfers.

Reduce stockouts and ensure accurate stock records.

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Key Features of Multiple Warehouses
with Deskera ERP.

Configure Multiple Warehouses
Easily set up and configure multiple warehouses
Optimize Inventory Allocation
Automatically assign inventory to the right warehouse and optimize stock allocation
Streamline Receiving and Put Away
Streamline the process of receiving and putting away goods at each warehouse
Monitor Warehouse Performance
Monitor warehouse performance and identify areas of improvement
Monitor Stock Levels
Keep track of stock levels across multiple warehouses and take corrective actions
Automate Replenishment
Automate replenishment process to ensure timely delivery of goods
Manage Warehouse Resources
Manage warehouse resources and personnel efficiently to maximize productivity
Improve Shipping Accuracy
Improve shipping accuracy by utilizing the most appropriate warehouse for each order
Track and Trace Shipments
Track and trace shipments to each warehouse and provide real-time updates
Automatically Generate Reports
Automatically generate reports to track warehouse performance and inventory levels
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Find the right fit for your business

Deskera Multiple Warehouses