Reserve Stock

Easily manage inventory levels. Set minimum and maximum stock levels to ensure product availability. Quickly reserve items from inventory for specific sales orders, production orders, or projects. Automatically replenish stock to pre-defined levels based on set parameters

Monitor stock levels in real time and set reorder points. Avoid stockouts and delays with automatic replenishment. Streamline procurement processes and reduce manual effort. Monitor stock levels across all warehouses and distribution centers. Generate orders automatically based on pre-defined rules. Receive automatic alerts when stock levels drop below set thresholds.

Inventory Managers can reserve a certain number of items from the general inventory and assign them to customers or specific projects. This helps ensure that the items needed for a specific project or customer are available when they need them, preventing them from having to purchase additional items or wait for items to be shipped.

Monitor Stock Levels

Automate Stock Replenishment

Prevent Stock Outages

Enhance Inventory Management

Ensure that stock levels are kept in check and that the right amount of stock is available for orders. Monitor stock movements and keep track of the products that are in the inventory. Receive notifications about low stock levels and plan for timely replenishments.

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Key Features of Reserve Stock
with Deskera ERP.

Record Stock Levels
Accurately track and monitor inventory quantities with up-to-date stock levels
Manage Stock Allocation
Effectively allocate stocks to orders and shipments to ensure on-time delivery
Monitor Stock Movements
Closely monitor stock movements between warehouses and locations to ensure visibility
Automate Reordering
Automate reordering of stock items to ensure uninterrupted supply
Set Stock Thresholds
Set minimum and maximum stock thresholds to ensure adequate stock levels
Generate Stock Reports
Generate detailed reports of stock levels and movements to get real-time insights
Track Stock Aging
Track stock aging to identify obsolete or slow-moving items and take necessary action
Integrate With Warehouse Management
Integrate with Warehouse Management to ensure streamlined stock management
Monitor Stock Valuation
Monitor stock valuation to get real-time insights into stock performance
Automate Stock Replenishment
Automate stock replenishment and reorder points to ensure uninterrupted stock replenishment
Find the right fit for your business
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Find the right fit for your business

Deskera Reserve Stock