Barcode Generation and Scanning

Easily generate barcodes and quickly scan them for efficient inventory management. Automatically sync data with the inventory database for up-to-date records. Monitor stock levels and track products with a reliable barcode scanning system.

Track your product, anywhere, anytime, with barcodes. Create barcodes for products, parts, or components quickly and easily with Deskera ERP. Generate and print barcodes with a single click. Store barcode information and track your inventory.

Factory workers can quickly create barcode labels for each item in inventory, making it easy to track the item's location and quantity in the factory. Barcodes also maintain a record of when the item was purchased, when it was used, and when it was sold, making it easy to recall or track the product through the supply chain

Enhanced Productivity

Improved Inventory Management

Streamlined Supply Chain

Enhanced Customer Experience

Barcode generation and scanning enables faster data entry, reducing manual data entry errors and speeding up the process. This improves processing times and encourages more efficient workflows, leading to enhanced productivity.

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Key Features of Barcode Generation and Scanning
with Deskera ERP.

Automated Barcode Generation
Auto-generate barcodes for products, services and assets for seamless tracking
Integrated Barcode Scanning
Enable integration of barcode scanning devices withing Deskera ERP to enable quick and accurate data entry
Assign Barcodes
Assign unique barcodes to products, services and assets to ensure accurate tracking and inventory management
Track Assets with Barcodes
Track assets in real-time with barcodes to enable proactive asset management
Scan and Track Inventory
Scan and track inventory using barcodes for accurate stock control and to identify stock levels
Streamline Shipping Processes
Streamline shipping processes with barcode scanning to track shipments and deliveries
Optimize Warehouse Management
Utilize barcode scanning to optimize warehouse management and ensure accurate inventory tracking
Automate Billing Processes
Automate billing processes with barcode scanning and eliminate manual data entry errors
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Find the right fit for your business

Deskera Barcode Generation and Scanning